iComfortis Memorials

Quickly and easily create a caring memorial for the loved one you have lost.

The departing of a loved one, relative or friend fills the heart with loss, and yet by remembering a life so precious that person lives on.

iComfortis.com was created as a garden of comfort to help lessen your pain, ease the burden of loss, and provide a sanctuary of love and hope everlasting.

For by commemorating and celebrating that wonderful spirit who has passed, your cherished one is never truly gone.

This is the introductory phase of iComfortis, which offers you the opportunity to create a memorial (also known as an obituary) for the loved one you have lost. Expansion of the iComfortis website is in progress and many additional features are expected to be available in the near future.

How Do I Create a Memorial

Our simple-to-follow steps help you create a beautiful, lasting memorial in just a few minutes. You can't make a mistake!


What Can I Expect?

The loss of a loved one can be painful and confusing. When family members grieve and try to make plans is when they need help most.

Whether it's creating an online obituary or posting a tribute, finding information on end of life and funeral planning or coping with sorrow, iComfortis is here.

How Do I Pre-Plan?

Attending to the many tasks required at a loved one's passing is difficult. However, by pre-planning final arrangements emotional stress can be minimized and costs can be controlled. Get advice from experts, plus free tools and checklists to assist you here.

Is My Memorial Data Protected?

Our servers and their backups are protected in high security facilities with 24-hour surveillance and advanced fire protection. We regularly update our software with the latest security patches.

Is My Privacy Safe?

We will never provide your name, email, phone number, credit card or any personal information to 3rd parties without your written consent. Learn more by reading our privacy policy.


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