About iComfortis

About iComfortis

Our Story

Dear Friend,

The loss of a beloved one is inevitable, and the pain can be deep. Yet the survivors press on somehow.

There are arrangements to be made and services to be coordinated; a seemingly endless number of confusing details that require clear-eyed attention all while dealing with the most profound grief.

This is why we founded iComfortis.com, creating what will be a wellspring of important, easy-to-understand information that can help you in selecting the best options for your needs, and make well-informed end of life decisions in the privacy of your home - whether you are simply planning ahead or have an immediate need.

As the features and services of iComfortis expand, we hope you will find it to be a modern, dignified, highly personal method for coping with your loss. And please remember that you are not alone, and your loved one will never be forgotten.


Vernon H.M. Miranda, Sr. & Judith L. Miranda Founders

Comfortis Incorporated
"a place for stress mitigation and downtime"