A place of comfort, guidance and remembrance.

A place of comfort, guidance and remembrance.

We want to welcome you to iComfortis™, an online community created to help you plan for and cope with end-of-life issues in a caring, dignified fashion. The initial purpose of this community is to enable you to create, save, store and share online memorials to mark the passing of loved ones, friends, or colleagues. In a few simple steps, you’ll be able to answer some basic questions:

  • Who was this person?
  • Where were they from?
  • What was their life?
  • When did they pass?
  • Will there be a service; where and when?

By utilizing iComfortis.com, you can quickly and easily chronicle, share and celebrate the life of the one you have lost.

The Spark of Creation

The idea for iComfortis was inspired by need. Its co-founder came from a large family, and over the years, he found himself tasked with creating obituaries again and again. Yet despite the frequency the job, writing memorial announcements never got easier.

And then there was the cost of publishing these announcements in local newspapers, which could run hundreds of dollars or even more—and appear in the papers only once unless other costly arrangements were made.

There had to be a better way.

The Vision

Out of our co-founder’s need iComfortis.com was born. A simpler, more cost-effective way to remember the life of someone who was cared about and, through the connectivity of the internet, a highly efficient way to share that life with the world—all while reducing the stress and tensions that arise at the loss of the person who was loved.

The Present

Currently in its inauguration phase, iComfortis.com offers you an inexpensive channel by which you can create a caring, dignified memorial online quickly and easily by following a few very simple steps. Choose a theme, create a title, enter the person’s pertinent information, upload a photo, and write a story about your loved one’s life and you’re done. You can take as long as you like, even come back to it later and revise if you desire, then share this life celebration with the world when you are ready.

The Future

And iComfortis is designed to be even more powerful in the future, acting as a conduit by which consumers can find information, services and products related to end-of-life planning. Currently under development, we hope that the information we’ll be adding to the site in the coming months will help ease emotional and financial burdens for individuals and families, avoid needlessly extended hospitalizations, and enable people to better care for each other.

We hope you find iComfortis to be everything you hope it would be: “A place of Comfort, Guidance and Remembrance”, and that you’ll return again and again as we add more tools, services and products that can help make the final life transition simple and dignified.

Thank you for visiting.


Vernon H.M. Miranda, Sr. & Judith L. Miranda,