Gain Control Over End of Life Issues Using the Internet

by Vern Miranda, co-founder of

Gain Control Over End-of-Life Issues Using the InternetTasks that must be carried out at the end of one’s life can often be rushed, chaotic, expensive and emotionally charged — but they don’t have to be. Not when the power of the Internet can help you stay organized and calm, and make the right decisions to achieve the funeral or memorial you envision while staying within your budget.

Like most important things in life, pre-planning is key.

Several methods are available to properly fulfill final arrangements. Some are guided by religious or cultural customs; others are a matter of personal choice. Among the most common are:

Traditional Burial

The method most familiar to many of us, where the body of the deceased is prepared (usually at a funeral home) according to legal dictates and possibly religious or cultural beliefs and then placed in a casket and either buried in a plot of land or placed in an above ground crypt.

Using the Web ahead of time, you can search for funeral homes in your region that suit your needs and make comparisons among such firms. There’ll be no rushed decisions, and you can select wisely from the many different services and products each mortuary can provide. If budgetary limits are a concern, you may also be able to find discounts on basics such as a burial site, for example. People often buy their plots far in advance but then change their mind and wish to sell. The Internet can be an excellent tool to locate this and other money-saving bargains.


Steadily gaining in popularity, cremation is the second-most widely used method for the disposition of a loved one’s remains and associated costs are generally much lower than a traditional burial.

Cremation is the accelerated reduction of a body to ash by the use of extreme heat or flame in a specially designed facility. The ashes can then be scattered at sea, dispersed by specially licensed aircraft, buried in a plot or inurned in a mausoleum niche. You may also keep the ashes at your home or other location if you choose.

Using a search engine is an excellent way to locate a funeral home or cremation company from the privacy of your home and determine which services you require. Many survivors are comfortable making their own arrangements for cremation services, while others prefer to have a funeral home handle all the details. Your level of comfort dealing with such tasks is your only constraint.

Other Funeral Services Found on the Web

As recently as a few years ago, it was rare to find online the final arrangement services and products you’d need. Today, virtually anything required is available. And, you’ll discover a wider range of choices and options as well as more competitive prices, which can help you save money. These include plot/crypt sales, obituary notices, grave markers and plaques, even caskets and urns.

Other funeral services you might need can also be found online, including meeting facilities, catering, condolence e-cards, florists, equipment rentals, and travel services, to name just a few.

You’re in Control

The Internet can help tremendously in obtaining the end-of-life services and products you want to ensure a dignified funeral, taking into account your personal wishes or those of the deceased, religious beliefs, location, time of need, and budget. And planning and researching your options online in advance can greatly reduce stress and unnecessary expense because you’ll be ready when the time comes.

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