Who We Are and How We Help?

iComfortis.com is an online community where people can find peace, hope, knowledge, and remembrance at their time of loss. It has been designed specifically to help individuals and families cope with end-of-life issues in a caring, dignified fashion.

Utilizing simple-to-use tools and templates, they can create beautiful online memorials (also known as obituaries) that can easily be saved, stored, and shared with others — all at a fraction of the cost of death notices posted in the local newspaper. And unlike a traditional newspaper obituary, an iComfortis.com memorial can be visited again and again for an entire 12-month period at no additional charge. Plus, the memorial can be viewed from anywhere in the world that has Internet access.

Visitors to the site will also find suggested reading, be able to download free checklists and worksheets, and locate support groups and government information.

In the near future, carefully selected providers of funeral products and services will also be available to help ease emotional and financial burdens that come with the loss of a loved one. Needlessly extended hospitalizations can be avoided, and through knowledge and education we plan to enable people to better care for each other.

We also hope that this site will make people more at ease with the process of dying — one that none of us can avoid — by being prepared in advance for the many tasks that follow. By planning ahead, the survivors can be relieved of many of the stresses that come with a loved one’s passing. This site was created as a garden of comfort to help lessen your pain, ease the weight and darkness of sorrow, and provide a sanctuary of love and hope everlasting. For by commemorating and celebrating that wonderful spirit who has passed, your cherished one is never truly gone.

We hope you find iComfortis to be of value.